Paul Angulo, CPA
Riverside County Auditor-Controller
United States of America

Paul Angulo is Riverside County's Auditor-Controller - it's top fiscal officer, overseeing a $6 billion budget and $7 billion in operational assets. He was first elected in 2010, taking on the express challenge of restoring an office that had been called the poster child of failed governance.

Paul Angulo took charge when the office was imploding -- highly paid executives absent from work, whereabouts of $95,000,000 unknown, phony CPAs, and an FBI raid on the office the year before Paul Angulo took charge. As a citizen, Paul felt this gross mismanagement was an outrage and ran for office to provide leadership and to fix these problems.

Paul Angulo won his first election in a landslide, setting the record for the most votes received by any candidate in the county's 122 year history. He was re-elected in 2014 to a second term that continues to be the epicenter of change and improvement. Under his leadership, the county has saved millions of tax dollars. Instead of making excuses heard so often from government officials, Paul Angulo works hard to stay at the tip of the spear. He is a no nonsense professional.

Starting his career in the US Army (1971), Paul enlisted shortly after graduating from high school. As a nineteen year old, he was initially posted to the Washington DC area, then transferred to Frankfurt, West Germany, during the Cold War. After being honorably discharged from active duty (1974), he worked his way through college and graduate school.

Paul Angulo has numerous academic and professional distinctions to his name, including: UC Berkeley graduate (1978), where he earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science; University of Redlands Graduate School, earning a Masters degree in Organizational Management. Paul Angulo is also a graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government -- Senior Executive Leadership Program, and Harvard Law School’s Advanced Negotiation Program. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Paul Angulo brings 24 years of private sector business experience to the office, where he established a solid track record of operational performance. He uses many of these same management techniques to drive operational performance at the county. In addition, Paul Angulo has provided testimony to the state Senate and is highly respected by his peers. He is also sought out by many city, school board, and other government officials for his opinion on a range of issues.

Paul Angulo is a results-driven executive who gets the job done.