Paul Angulo, CPA, M.A.
Riverside County Auditor-Controller
Re-elected 2018! Thank you!!

Paul Angulo, CPA, M.A.
Citizen, USARMY Veteran, Believer in America's Future

Our governance system has never been so polarized and non-productive. Gridlocked. Long on promises. Short on results. This badly broken model is unacceptable and must change. We must identify, and elect, Leaders who have shown the courage of conviction to carry the mission forward. Enlisting in the US ARMY out of high school when it was not popular due to the war in Vietnam, Paul Angulo has proven himself a Leader and American patriot, amassing an extraordinary track record of accomplishments for the citizens of Riverside County. With your support, Paul will continue to drive the high performance that is his trademark. Paul Angulo is a no-nonsense Leader who will get the job done.

Welcome to Paul Angulo's "We the People" Campaign for Auditor-Controller 2018!

Executive summary: Proven Leader and Fighter for the Taxpayer. 25-years e
xperience in private industry. Solid track record of innovation and performance saving Riverside County taxpayers millions of dollars. Stabilized Office to run in a more business-like, results oriented manner. Increased operational capacity x2. Reduced employee drop out rate from 25% to 6%. Innovated monitoring reports to provide county management relevant, real-time, actionable data. Increased fiscal transparency by publishing the county's transactions online. Increased oversight of $12.5 billion in operational assets through more aggressive auditing. Worked with departments to curb abusive overtime costs saving the taxpayer millions of dollars. Increased internet security awareness to protect sensitive taxpayer information. Implemented new workflow systems. Introduced formal strategies to deliver high impact ROI. Led successful reform of auditor-controller operations to enable it to more effectively take on present and future challenges. Much more...

Qualifications: US Army Veteran 1971-77 (active duty 71-74). 25-years in private industry. U.C. Berkeley, Bachelors Degree.  University of Redlands, Masters Degree in Management. Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Public Policy Certificate, Goldman Institute, U.C. Berkeley. Extensive government operations, advanced negotiation and conflict management executive training at Harvard University.

"Good governance depends on your participation. Let's make this a better world. I am Paul Angulo, and I will never let you down."